United States

  • Daughters of the Holy Spirit Administrative Offices
  • P.O Box 419, 508B Pomfret Street – Putnam – Connecticut 06260 –  USA
  • Email address: dhsprovsec@gmail.com
  • Tel. # 1-860-928-0891
Our United States Province is composed of 45 sœurs, living in 9 communities the largest of which is our health care community located at St. Joseph Living Center in Windham, CT.
Our Province is also blessed with approximately 91 Associates on both the East and West coasts and 10 Consecrated Seculars. (au 31 décembre 2022)
We are united in a desire to keep our vision broad and our energies focused on our mission: “to witness God’s tender love for all, especially the least favored, that all may have life to the full”.

At this time in our history our primary way of living our mission is that of “prayer and presence” as we live among the people as our first sisters did. This offers opportunities for involvement in pastoral outreach in a variety of ways. Also, some of us have been called to Province administration.  We are also called to more collaboration with others (Congregations, local groups, etc.).

Several years ago we adopted a corporate stance policy which involves education, dialogue, discernment and polling of the province on publicly debated issues that are in line with our charism and current focus.  This policy allows our province leadership to take a public stand in the name of the province on major justice issues. To date we have taken corporate stances against the death penalty, human trafficking, torture and in favor of closing the School of the Americas, more recently, our corporate stances include comprehensive immigration reform and supporting climate change efforts.

The Justice Non-violence and Relationship with Creation Committees are venues for keeping our province membership active and involved at various levels of participation and collaboration with others who are working for peace, justice, non-violence and in defense of Earth.

We have turned to technology and rely more and more on email, Zoom, text-messaging, etc. to facilitate communication with our communities and other members of our Spiritual Family throughout the USA and beyond our borders. Our Website and Facebook page  are living examples of our ongoing effort to keep the world up to date on our Province activities.

The province also continues its concerted effort toward greater international solidarity and exchange by trying to become better acquainted with members of the DHS Family in the various units.

Since its inception, our Province has indeed been blessed by the Spirit of Creativity and we continue today to strive to be imbued by the living Spirit of Pentecost upon whom we rely to help us face new challenges and benefit from the opportunities of the future as we continue to respond to the needs of the underserved, to people of all cultures and faiths and to Earth herself. 

June, 2022