Courageous “hummingbirds”

In Saint-Brieuc, Brittany, France.  Week after week, “hummingbirds” collect newspapers, advertisements, outdated magazines, Prions en Eglise, Magnificat, in short, all paper destined for the bin!

As soon as the heap becomes large in the room reserved for this purpose, a call is made to Mr René Chardel, a faithful supporter of Father Christian Steunou, his former classmate from the 6th grade to the 12th grade. Christian Steunou, originally from St-Brieuc, has been fighting AIDS and leprosy in Benin for 50 years and provides literacy training at the Beninese centre in Davougon.
The weekly collection of papers is carried out by a resident who checks all the reading rooms in the retirement home and René Chardel, Father Christian’s faithful friend, piles everything into his little car and transports it to the Véolia company. The money collected will be sent to Benin, down to the last cent, by the Christian Steunou association: a drop of water in an ocean of need.

But these hummingbirds have a heart, so they continue… and integral ecology also promoted!

The community of elderly sisters of the house “Jeanne Guernion”, supported by neighbouring communities. Published on 31 March 2022.