Help for displaced persons

On Friday 1st April 2022, we, the sisters of the DHS community in the Djarengol district of Maroua, CAMEROON, went to give aid to displaced persons in Bogo, a village in the Far North region, about twenty kilometres from Maroua.

We arrived at the refugee camp accompanied by two community agents, people designated to give information, who know the IDPs and the region well. It was in a desert landscape with a few scattered bushes that we found ourselves at 2pm, under the intense heat of the dry season sun, without rain since September until perhaps June. Tents, donated by NGOs, shelter each family. The men, under the shade of a tree or a shelter of stalks, invited us to sit on the mat and the women arrived with the children with very beautiful faces. The aid we provided was given to thirty women selected by Marceline Itetshi, whose mission is close to displaced people and especially to malnourished children. In a calm atmosphere, we proceeded to distribute a bowl with a cup, a litre of oil, salt and a bowl of rice.

We were happy to do this on behalf of all the Daughters of the Holy Spirit for these children who are so needy. We hope that the generosity of the people will continue to support them..

The Djarengol community: Sisters Marie Claire CHARRIERE, Marcelline KAADA, Marcelline ITETSHI, Simone DONTSA.. Published on 15 April 2022