Just a glimmer of hope for the future

How can we not rejoice on this May 24, 2023, with these young prizewinners who are all happy to have reached the end of their 3-year training course at the Centre de Promotion de la Jeune Fille (CPJF)de Touloum, a town in CAMEROON’S Far North region. They are now ready to face the future, which is fast approaching.

 It is through this modest social, human and psychological training that the Center offers them, making available to them all the means necessary for the smooth running of the training and the blossoming of the young girl: sewing, social integration, in short everything that comes within the framework of social and family economics to keep a house in good condition.
This year, 16 graduates received certificates confirming that they had completed their training at the Center. These certificates will enable them to easily find jobs in sewing or catering….  The girls were told not to be discouraged, because it’s not all over yet : they can make up for what they say they’ve lost by not being sent to school. We advised them to live the present with confidence, because the future belongs to them.

During a ceremony, we begged parents not to discredit their daughters by leaving them at home, saying they could only be used for marriage. What we offer them at the Center is just a glimmer of hope for what they will become tomorrow. Training them also means protecting them from begging and financial and material dependence on their families.
After the presentation of the certificates, each of the girls spoke, giving thanks to God for their health, thanking their parents for giving them the opportunity to learn a trade, and thanking the trainers for their dedication. Then, with a song of thanksgiving expressing their joy, they entrusted themselves to the future, a future that holds many good things in store for them.

With songs, dances and shouts of joy, each of them, with family and friends, continued the festivities…   A ray of hope for those who had lost hope in the future!

Community of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit of Touloum. Published May 29, 2023.