Peru. Time for Creation” celebration

On Saturday 16 September 2023, for the second year running, the “Time for Creation” celebration was held -September 1 to October 4, 2023-. We were joined by associates from various congregations in the diocese of Callao/Lima: the associates of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit, as well as the Ursuline Sisters, the Sainte-Angèle de Merici school (SAM) and other communities. A school band provided the entertainment.

The event was organised by the lay community of Saint Catherine of Siena in our district of Carmen de la Legua – Reynoso Callao, near the banks of our river Rimac.

After some cold and rainy days, the Holy Spirit accompanied us that day, delighting us with warm sunshine. We were able to listen to the river, reflect on this global movement of creation, pray to the Lord and ask him to strengthen us to continue to act and protect his creation.

Meri Virto. Associate DHS, Callao, Peru – Published on 25 September 2023

– Photo 1. Community participating in the celebration of the Time of Creation.
– Photo 2 .From left to right: Director Edmundo Gamarra (SAM), Professor Javier Tenorio (SAM), Dorys Farias (Lay Community of St. Catherine of Siena) and Meri Virto (associate Daughters of the Holy Spirit) reading the reflection.
– Photo 3. Ursuline Sisters, Carol and Sue, participating in the celebration with their associates.
– Photo 4. St. Catherine of Siena Lay Community surrounding Marina Llanos, associate Daughters of the Holy Spirit, with her great-grandson José Adrián (centre).
–  Photo 5 .St. Angela Merici School Band (SAM) providing musical accompaniment throughout the celebration.