Support for displaced families in Far North Cameroon

For some years now, the Koza pastoral zone in Cameroon’s Far North has been plagued by violence of all kinds. With the repeated attacks of Boko Haram, the precariousness of the populations is very visible. Insecurity has degraded the socio-economic fabric of the region’s populations, leading to massive displacement to other areas. These displaced populations are often living in inhumane conditions and overcrowded conditions. Despite the aid provided by humanitarian organizations and the diocesan Caritas, the situation of these displaced people remains difficult.
The Sisters of the Vice-Province of Cameroon would like to play an active role in responding to the needs of the people and in improving their living conditions. Families have been identified in Koza and Mushkar, and the Sisters of the Vice-Province would like to support them by providing them with the food and small items they need.  

Ø Objective:
* To bring food and material aid to families in Koza and Mushkar.
Ø Needs expressed:
* 15 bags of corn: 825 €
* Other supplies: 175 €
* 8 large mats: 95 €
* Clothes: 45 €
* Care equipment: 75 €


Ø Total project cost : 1,215 €