Aid for the financing of studies for poor young pupils or students in the Far North region

The Congregation of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit has been established in Far North of Cameroon since 1954. This region of the Far North is, both, one of the most populated in Cameroon, as well as its poorest region and the one with the lowest school enrolment.
The abuses of the terrorist sect Boko Haram, has brought the consequences of a security crisis causing increasing dangers to its population. Many families find it very difficult to support their children’s education. In the places of mission of the Congregation, many young people are almost abandoned to themselves and are exposed to delinquency, drug addiction and rural exodus.
In order to help these young people continue their studies, to fight against the ills of society that threaten them and to protect their dignity so that they can be future leaders of tomorrow, it seems important to encourage them by helping to finance their schooling.

  • Objectives:
    – Promote the schooling and education of young people to combat idleness or delinquency
    – Relieve families in difficulty for the financing of their children’s education.
    – Assists in the training of future leaders of the company.
  • Needs expressed:
    – Assistance for the financing of one year of study of ten young pupils and students that the Sisters have identified in the places of mission of the Congregation in the Far North Cameroon.
    – For 6 secondary school students in Touroua, Koza and Yagoua 1,720 €
    – For 4 students in higher education in Maroua                               2,880 €
  • Total project cost                                                                                 4,600 €