Aid to two “comedores populares” by Tupac Amaru, Huaura

The “comedores populares” or “communal kitchens” in Peru are self-help organizations in which women from different families collectively prepare food that is then consumed in their homes. These collective kitchens try to reduce the cost of food and increase the nutritional quality of the meals served.
The Sisters of the Congregation of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit in Peru wish to help two of these “comedores populares” of Tupac Amaru, in the Huaura Valley, by providing them with food to encourage and strengthen them in their actions.
The members of these “comedores” come from the Sierra, a mountainous area in the centre of Peru. They came in search of better living conditions. Their main activity is agriculture.

  • Objectives:
    • Assist “comedores” members in their initiatives.
    • Improve the health of the local population of Tupac Amaru and participate in the fight against malnutrition.
  • Needs expressed:
    • Purchase of 20 bags of rice             780 €
    • Purchase of 80 liters of oil               208 €
    • Purchase of 20 packs of spaghetti  260 €
    • Purchase of 40 kilos of lentils            62 €
    • Purchase of 40 kilos of dry peas       62 €
    • Purchase of 40 kilos of beans            73 €
    • Purchase of 2 bags of salt 15 €
    • Other foodstuffs (potatoes, condiments…) 650 €
  • Total project cost                             2,110 €