Sister SOME Bouorsa Eveline

Year of profession: 2012
Age: 43 years old
Born in Diébougou. BURKINA FASO 
Date and place of the funeral:

Tuesday 28 February 2023.
– 6.30 am: Removal of the body from the Bogodogo morgue followed
by the transfer
to the Cathedral parish of Saint Peter, Saint Paul of Diébougou.
– 10am: start of the funeral at the coordination square.
– 1pm: reception of the funeral procession at the entrance to Diébougou
– 8.30 pm: Prayer vigil at the cathedral.

Wednesday 1 March 2023
– 6am: service for the deceased at the cathedral
– 9am: mass followed by burial at 11.30am
at the community of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit in Diébougou-Bagane
and end of the funeral.
– 11am: funeral greeting with the family at Kopéri

May the soul of our sister Eveline rest in peace
through the Mercy of God.