Solidarity with Burkina Faso

For several years now, our country, Burkina Faso, has been experiencing a security and humanitarian crisis. This is the case in a number of places, including our diocese of Koudougou.

The Church has made it its mission, alongside the new government, which is calling for greater solidarity between us, to seek ways to provide some relief to families who have nothing and who are prey to terrorists. It was with this in mind that the executive of the parents’ association at our ‘Saint-Esprit’ pre-school took the initiative of inviting other parents to collect donations for our displaced brothers and sisters. People of goodwill acted quickly. And we were able to collect food and clothing.
On Saturday 3 June, the closing day of our school activities, these donations were handed over to the diocesan commission in charge of migrants.  Sister Sibi, from the Congrégation de la Nativité, represented the commission; we had also wanted to go and them over, but alas…

We encourage the dynamism of the office of the parents’ association at our pre-school, which has been in office since 26 November 2022, and which is working hard  to ensure that together we work for the education of our children.  On 6 May, the office organised a conference in the kindergarten, reminding parents of their responsibilities in educating their children in collaboration with teachers. In line with the theme of Catholic Education Week: “Catholic educators, a witness of hope in a world in crisis”, we are trying, in our schools, to promote evangelical values and citizenship for a more fraternal world.

We hope that by raising awareness of the importance of sharing, forgiveness and tolerance, we will embrace the spirit of Christ, a spirit of love for our neighbours, of sacrifice so that they can be housed, fed and clothed… and live in peace!

Sister Eugénie PALENFO, DHS, Koudougou Community. Published on 12 June 2023