From 11 to 13 April 2023 took place, in the parish of Zamengoue, at the Missionaries of the Sacred- Heart of Mary, Diocese of Obala, Central Region of Cameroon, the closing of the activities of the sixtieth anniversary of the ACE Movement – Catholic Action of Children-. There were 120 Buddies, that is to say ” COp’ WORLD “, and supervisors from the 26 Dioceses of Cameroon.

 I had the privilege to accompany the two Cop’ Monde who were to represent our Diocese of Yagoua. The ACE Cop’ Monde is a movement that gathers children from 6 to 12 years old. Its goal is to make Jesus Christ known to the children, to teach them to always be cheerful, to smile, to be joyful, to be friends of all, to have a good heart, to love work, to be courageous, to know how to tell the truth, to be polite, respectful and obedient towards parents and elders.  “What you have hidden from the wise and the learned, you have revealed to the little ones” (Mt 11:25-27), was the subject of this 60 years jubilee.  The speaker showed the Buddies how much God loves us and invited them to love God and their neighbors in the same way.

 In addition, the Buddies also enjoyed two highlights that were greatly appreciated by all.  First of all, a time on Information and Communication Technology (ICT): in this they were informed about the advantages and disadvantages and the use of ICT. This topic was aimed at knowing how to do useful, healthy and efficient research. This was followed by a time of consideration on the environment: the Buddies were initiated to plant trees, not to throw plastic bags in nature, but to love and respect our “common home”. (Cf. the encyclical Laudato Si).
The supervisors and exhibitors urged the Buddies to pass on all that they have received to other Buddies in their respective dioceses. These two days were animated by games, dances, religious concerts, drawings, knitting, work in crossroads by Diocese and by the games of the “incollables”.

The Buddies were very happy with their stay in Zamengoué and to be together for the celebration of the sixtieth anniversary of the ACE Movement.
A mass of thanksgiving and the sharing of the 60th anniversary cake of ACE COP’ MONDE marked the end of the ceremony.  It was then 13 hours when the national chaplain, in his closing prayer and farewell, entrusted the return journey of the Buddies and all, to the maternal protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Sister KOVOU Jeneviève, FSE. Published on May 23, 2023