Cameroon: 18 new Associates of the DHS

On 8 January 2023, in the sacred area of the parish of Our Lady of Light of Touloum, Diocese of Yagoua, we had the grace and joy of celebrating the solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord, better still: the admirable manifestation of God to men.
The officiant was Father Christophe Barwang, accompanied by Father Mario, former parish priest of Touloum. According to the Gospel of the day, we were invited to always be thirsty for God like camels thirsty for water, and to always seek Him like the Magi who followed the star.

We had the joy of welcoming 18 new associates to the Daughters of the Holy Spirit (DHS): 11 women and 7 men – A. D. Joseph, B. Albert, D. Alphonse, D. Vincent, G., H. Martine, H. Raymond, K. Nestor, K. Christine, M. Madeleine, M. Madeleine, M. Rosaline, M. Martine, M. Marceline, P. Paul, T. Anne, T. Pauline, and W. Marthe –  The eighteen (18) lay associates of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit, standing shoulder to shoulder before the Vice-Provincial of Cameroon, Reverend Sister Angèle SILIKAM, publicly pronounced their commitment on the basis of one year, according to the ritual of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit. That the grace of their Baptism may bear fruit contribute to the vitality of the diocesan Church, they made a commitment, in front of the Christians of the parish and a crowd of friends, to live the spirituality and the charism of the congregation following the founders Marie BALAVENNE and Renée BUREL.

Sister Angèle SILIKAM welcomed their request and did not fail to encourage them to participate in the work of the Holy Spirit. She also invited everyone to join the living and dynamic Spiritual Family by paying attention to vocations or by belonging to the group of associates whose commitment is embodied in an openness to others, each one remaining implanted in his or her own environment.
The celebration ended with the sharing of a fraternal meal between the Christians of the Parish of Our Lady of Light, the Christians of the neighbouring parishes, the Associates of the DHS, the Reverend Sisters present and the celebrants.

Happy Feast of the Epiphany of the Lord! And may the Blessed Virgin Mary, our Mother and “our advocate with the Holy Spirit”, intercede for us so that future harvests may be even more abundant.

DJOAYANG François, Associated with the Daughters of the Holy Spirit – Touloun. Published on 15 January 2023