Career Week

As students of “Marie Balavene” Catholic College, Ilogbo, Nigeria, we have come to appreciate the values instilled in us during the three years we have been there. We are particularly grateful to the management for setting aside a special week to give us the opportunity to reflect on what we have received and experienced and to gather more knowledge about our future studies.
We are grateful to our kind Principal, Sister Rosemary Etim, DHS, for giving us the opportunity to make an informed choice about the career that would be ours among the many opportunities that life offers us,

Before the start of this ‘careers week’, many of us had difficulty in choosing our field of study – a mismatch between time and technology which is advancing daily. In the labyrinth of many careers, everything just seems positive in the extreme and everything also seems negative in the extreme. The Career Week allowed us to have an open mind and to think about our careers in the light of their advantages and disadvantages, that is, job hazards and its opportunities

Thanks to this week, we were able to meet different professionals. Doctors and nurses, an engineer, a lawyer, a teacher, crew members, security personnel, security officers/firemen and many others came to advise us on how to choose the right career path according to our strengths without neglecting our weaknesses which can be managed according to the chosen career. The above-mentioned professionals are all people who have the characteristics of excellence.
For example, Ms Odinaka, Cabin Crew, asked us if we were afraid of flying and some of us answered in the affirmative. She went on to intelligently inform us that anyone can be afraid, just as anyone can be brave. We really did realise that failure or success is a choice and we now know how to choose.
One of us, who was very active during the crew activities, won a round trip ticket to fly anywhere she wanted on the globe and, of course, as an ambassador of the Catholic College “Marie Balavenne”. Together we are proud and happy to announce that she will represent us well on her tours.  
Interestingly, when questions were asked from those of us who may wish to embark on spiritual journeys as priests and religious, Sister Rosemary, DHS, and Rev. Fr. Joseph Sule, Oblate of St. Joseph, gave further satisfactory explanations on this.

We are full of gratitude to “Marie Balavenne” Catholic College and wish to announce that we will never back down from the choices that will still arise!

By the third year students of “Marie Balavenne” Catholic College, Ilogbo.
Published on 20 July 2022