Drinking from the source

We come to the source and we come to drink from it” *

The time of exchange and sharing at Ile Blanche, * as a Daughters of the Holy Spirit family, was much appreciated, meticulously prepared by some members of our three Branches: Sister, consecrated laywomen, Associate. The theme: “Living as an FSE family, good news for today? “

The welcome on the first evening made us forget the tiredness of the road, and it was in front of a very evocative décor that each person presented himself or herself with an object, a photo and the message it contained. At the well, we came to the spring to drink and share our family stories.

Sister Anne-Marie Foucher’s first talk took us to “the source of our beginnings”, where each of us drew the water that quenches our thirst and gives us life. Then, “at the source of our family traits”, we discovered a little more about the spirituality that comes to us from on high and makes us commune with the Trinitarian source and creates our communion.
To “live a mystical life in the heart of the world”, as Sister Anne-Marie Couloigner puts it in the “Common Document”, requires us to search for our own truth. A search “trusting in God’s love for us and letting the power of His grace work in us,” gently, under the loving gaze of a Father full of mercy and goodness. In small fraternities made up of sisters, associates and consecrated lay people, we shared this “manna” and our family ties were strengthened.

After this time of reflection, a surprise awaited us: a festive evening with a group of musicians and singers of all ages in front of the sea, around a log fire (it was Saint John’s Day). With them, we sang and danced together in a festive atmosphere, with tastings brought by everyone.

At the end of the evening, we made symbolic gestures by planting flowers, one plant for each small fraternity. When we come to the Ile Blanche, we’ll be able to see if they’re growing well and blooming in front of the cross on the lawn at the entrance to the property.
Father Philippe Pottier was a good companion, listening a lot, and when it came time to share, he strongly advised us to make some joint decisions that would be feasible for all 3 Branches. Together we took them under the inspiration of the Spirit who unites and brings us together.

The personal time for reflection was too short to deepen all that was given to us. Now, let’s let “this source” irrigate our dry “corners” and not hold it captive:

“Nothing can stop the flow of living water,
which, coming from the heights, finds where to dig its bed.”

 Madeleine Haurogné. Consecrated laywoman. July 2023 – Published on 6 July 2023

* We come to the source…”.  Poem “Source obscure” by Madeleine LE SAUX, FSE.
* Ile Blanche: Home located on the borders of Côtes d’Armor and Finistère, in Brittany. France.