End of Chapter: a very special day

On Sunday morning, 15 August 2021, the Chapter delegates met one last time to confirm the minutes of the deliberations. Just before we met in our Units to plan how we would communicate the chosen Orientations. Sister Ann Almodovar, our new Superior General, expressed our gratitude to all those who helped the General Chapter to function so well!
When the work was finished, Sr. Ann proposed to close the Chapter with a vote. It was a time rich in new relationships and the renewal of old ones, a time rich in the experience of our internationality.

As Fr John -Nigerian OMI, spiritual guide of the Chapter- said in one of his reflections: once the Chapter itself is over, it is history, but it will live on in the experience we have shared. Piluca, the facilitator, said that it is up to us to share this experience with the sisters so that it is not only a reality but also an inspiration for the Congregation of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit: we must share the call heard during this General Chapter.

With these words pushing us forward, it was time for an aperitif with songs, dances and drums. We were joined by the Ile Blanche community and other guests present. At the end of the festive meal, many expressions of gratitude were made to the community and staff of Ile Blanche for their warm hospitality. And of course, more singing! Later, we gathered one last time in the chapel for Mass in honour of the Assumption of Mary, the woman totally surrendered to the Spirit… but the atmosphere had become heavy as we learned of the death of Sr Mary Ahutu in Nigeria (49 years old)… Father John reminded us of the two key words of the Chapter “Courage! Confidence!” and encouraged us to sing, as we had never done before, in honour of Mary, “the first on the way”, and of our sister who looks at us and smiles at us.

As the sea in front of the White Island comes and goes with the dynamics of the tides, the time had come for us to leave, strengthened by the experience we had lived.

Sr Clare Adelakun – Sr Janet Lewis. Published on 16 August 2021.