End of School Year Celebration

At the end of each school year, the school celebrates the graduation of Primary 6 students who are entering secondary school and Nursey 2 students who are moving on to primary school. This year 2021/2022, the ceremony at Maryland Catholic Nursery/Primary School, Ogbomoso, NIGERIA, took place on Thursday 4 August in the school hall where 27 students graduated from Primary 6 to Secondary School and 81 students from Nursery to Primary.  It was a very memorable event which started with the celebration of Holy Mass by Reverend Father Sylvester Ekuma. The children took an active part in the celebration: the first reading and the psalm were read by three Primary 6 pupils. It was a very joyful day when all the children sang, danced and rejoiced during the thanksgiving.

A week before the celebration, the Primary 6 students responded appropriately to the message of the Holy Father, Pope Francis, on the care of mother earth by planting 10 feet of a tree commonly known as an “umbrella tree” in the school grounds as a memorial. The exercise was guided by an expert horticulturist who gave them a short presentation on the importance of trees and flowers in the environment. The trees were planted to act as barriers against the wind.

As the school administrator, I highly commended the students for helping to make this school unique by their responsible commitment to their tasks… For example, they kept the school environment clean without waiting to be forced to do so, the older children helped the younger ones to get to the weekly Masses often celebrated in the school… I encouraged them to continue their good deeds wherever they are.
The headmistress, Mrs. Roseline Alabi, commended the efforts of the owner of the school, Rev. Emmanuel Badejo, Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Oyo, for his constant response to the needs of the children and the management. She also thanked the school’s parent-teacher association for the active role they play in supporting the growth of the institution. She also encouraged the graduating students to hold on to the good morals taught in the school.
Mr Emmanuel Sangotayo, President of the Parents and Teachers Association, the school management, DHS sisters and staff for their efforts in educating the whole being and training the students. He encouraged the parents to support the school in meeting the basic needs of their children.

The day was wonderful for all the children as it gave them the opportunity to showcase their talents in drama presentations, debates, singing, dancing and playing various musical instruments. Some students who were especially recognised for their outstanding achievements, good behaviour and academic performance were given incentive prizes – an incentive for all!
At the end of the celebration, the children, their parents and the school management joined hands to cut the end-of-year cake.

Sister Patience Effiong DHS. Published on 10 August 2022