Consecrated life in the heart of the world

The International General Assembly of the Secular Branch “Daughters of the Holy Spirit”, gathering delegates from the USA, Chile and France as well as a candidate from Peru, from 25 to 31 August 2022, in Ile Blanche -France-, ended with great joy and in a great communion despite the differences of language and culture.

The Holy Spirit really accompanied us to the end: we felt him at work. Living this time of reflection together allowed us to allow ourselves to be transformed and to arrive fairly quickly at a consensus in the adoption of an orientation for the next six years:

To be craftsmen of communion.

We are invited to live this orientation with confidence, inspired by the example of Marie Balavenne, who knew how to overcome the sufferings of her life in order to move forward and allow herself to be transformed by them, who remained firm in her faith and who grew in hope and love, Today we are called to go forward in a consecrated life in the heart of the world, a life that is always new and, like Marie Balavenne, to follow Christ with others, to build a world that is ever more human and fraternal, to grow in unity and communion among ourselves, in the Daughters of the Holy Spirit Family, in our very diverse daily realities. “Yes, Lord, make us peacemakers, make us builders of love.”

After this strong time on the White Island, we spent another moment in Saint Brieuc to walk in the footsteps of Marie Balavenne, Renée Burel, their first companions and Dom Jean Leuduger. Together we were able to commune with the soul of our origins and share a festive time with the communities of Le Légué and Plérin. The spirit of the family was present in all of us!


From Christiane RANNOU and Marie-Thérèse MOCHET. Published on 9 September 2022