Latin American associates: echoes of meetings

PERU. Associates of Callao
On 24 September, the associates of Callao celebrated the 31st anniversary of Sovisem (Social Center) and the 32 years of pastoral work of Sister Helena Josse. The celebration and recognition were very moving and beautiful. Sister Helena looked very happy: it was a very pleasant and well-deserved recognition for her.
Laura Peña, asociada del Callao – Perú

CHILE. Santiago associates
On 23 September, the Santiago associates held their monthly meeting and organised a tombola to raise funds for the Lima 2024 meeting. It was a very enjoyable day, the raffle went ahead and the good thing was that the people who won prizes were family members. What’s more, we’re planning another event for later on, there’s a lot of enthusiasm and camaraderie. On 21 October, we’ll be celebrating the 18 chico (a small celebration of the Fiestas Patrias) with a lunch, God willing…
María Teresa Cartes, Conchalí associate – Santiago

CHILE. Antofagasta Associates
On 24 September, we lived out our meeting in joyful family sharing, with prayers inspired by Pope Francis and shared as a Prayer for Chile. We prayed for the strengthening and unity of the Family, the basis of our faith and our values, for the dignity of work, respect, tolerance and inclusion of immigrants; for new religious vocations and lay faithful; for those responsible for evangelisation; for respect for the elderly; for the protection of nature…
The chapel was decorated with patriotic ornaments, and we ended with an acrostic of forgiveness with a gift of flowers, asking and giving forgiveness for the wounds, difficulties and misinterpretations. It was a beautiful gesture that enabled us to maintain unity, cordiality and fraternity between us, and peace and harmony for all. We shared tea with delicious empanadas and a piece of cake to celebrate the birthday of our dear sister Doris Miranda. At the end, a paya (Chilean verse) and a wish for friendship: “How good it is to see you in this new meeting, I miss you with emotion, but through the Lord we meet again on this good occasion”.
Today we pray for Chile, for peace, harmony and justice. We also pray for fraternity and equity. We pray for the great DHS family, for its joy and fraternity. We pray that this bond of affection and solidarity will always be maintained, so that we may feel God’s tenderness and love for all eternity.
Poly Garrido, Antofagasta associate

 Published on 4 October 2023

1. Peru. Poster for the celebration of the 31st anniversary of Sovisem.
2. Peru. Photo of members of the Secular Branch in Callao.
3. Peru. Callao associates
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6. Chile. Associates from Antofagasta
7. Chile. Associates of Antofagasta.
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