Let us quench the hunger and thirst of our people

Holy Week is one of the most important religious celebrations in Peru. In Huaura, after the celebrations, the faithful demonstrate their faith through processions, penances and representations of the passion, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. The processions through the streets and neighbourhoods are implorations of grace and blessings, certain that the Risen Christ is still walking with us to save us and the world.

The Huaura health and social ministry team and Huacho Cathedral were fortunate and delighted to be able to organise a Via Crucis at the Huacho regional hospital. Health care staff, workers, patients and companions took part in the celebration of the passion, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, according to the reading of the prophet Isaiah (Isaiah 53), who proclaims to us the suffering servant, overwhelmed with pain and disfigured by our senseless humanity, but whom we must contemplate. The 14 stations were spread out in each zone and the intentions, well formulated according to each reality, helped us to accompany Jesus in his passion with all the people who continually relieve all distress – recalling Matthew 25 .

Thank you to the Director General for giving us the opportunity to share this powerful time of prayer, visits and sharing. Songs of the Resurrection and fraternal sharing brought this special time to a close, in keeping with our theme for the year: “Sharing, like Jesus, the bread and the life, let us quench the hunger and thirst of our people”.

Happy Easter to all!

Huaura Community. Published on 7 April 2024