Pentecost. Family: festive sharing

In Rennes, France, on the weekend of Pentecost, we came together as the “Daughters of the Holy Spirit Family”, in its three branches -Consecrated Seculars, Associates and Religious-  for a time of festive sharing!

Around a festive table, a song dear to the Church and to the members of the Family rang out: “Spirit of Pentecost, breath of God, see your Church today gathered together”.
During a session with the secular branch several years ago, Father Gérard Nicol said: ‘You are the heirs of a rich history: truly see a work of the Spirit in the diversity of the branches of your Family’.

The high points we experience at these meetings are unique opportunities to talk to each other, to strengthen the links between the 3 branches, to discover our richness and our differences. In this Pentecost season, it is in this spirit that we have lived this meeting, and in internationality thanks to the members of the General Council who welcomed us. The spontaneous sharing during the meal went smoothly, with each of us being able to say how we let ourselves be inhabited and transformed by the Spirit of Love. Yes, today, Marie Balavenne and Renée Burel – our founders – confirm us in our ways of incarnating the charism wherever we are and whatever we are doing.

 Marie-Thérèse MOCHET, Consecrated Secular. Published on 21 May 2024