Help with activities at a community center in Huaura – Peru.

A Huaura community center regularly welcomes elderly people to spend time together and engage in income-generating activities: making bags or purses, woolen flowers, dolls, shawls and scarves… The Huaura community of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit helps to maintain these vulnerable people, with activities aimed at their well-being: hand and foot care, hair care, massages…

The Huaura community center needs materials to support this social life and the care and manual activities offered.  

Ø Objectives:
* Enable the maintenance of a social life and the well-being of vulnerable, elderly people by supporting a community center in Huaura.
* Helping seniors generate income to support their families.

Ø Needs expressed:
* Supply of leather for making bags: 170 €
* Supply of fabrics for sewing: 55 €
* Wool for knitting: 75 €
* Supply of moss and small ornamental materials: 240 €
* Electric kettle: 30 €
* Supplies for wellness care: towels, paper towels, scissors, soap, alcohol, Betadine: 600 €


Ø Total project cost : 1,170 €