Sowers of hope and peace

It’s a tradition for the Church: for over half a century, the fourth Sunday after Easter has been dedicated to praying for vocations (married, consecrated and clerics).
In his message for the sixty-first World Day of Prayer for Vocations, Pope Francis invited us all to be sowers of hope and builders of peace in today’s global context. To do this, the Holy Father proposes four steps: pray for the gift of vocations, be pilgrims of hope, cultivate a vision of hope and commit ourselves to one another.

In the Vice-Province of Cameroon, we have taken the opportunity of this day to invite each other, especially young people, to consider life choices in the Church and in society: – in Ngaoundéré, at the parish of Saint Matthias in Djalingo, Sister Pauline and the first year novices met with other members of the houses of formation (postulancy and novitiate), – Sisters Marie-Thé and I stayed in Marza, – and in Maroua, Sisters Marthe and Simone, went to the parish of Kongola, on the outskirts of Maroua.

In the parish of Notre Dame de la Présentation in Marza, a vocational weekend was organised for young people. On the programme: entertainment, lessons on the Pope’s letter, forms of life in the Church and many other subjects that contributed to a good atmosphere among everyone. On Sunday, after mass, there were discussions on a number of points.  At Djalingo, the young postulants (Fransaliens, Filles de Jésus and Filles de la Miséricorde) and novices (Filles du Saint-Esprit and Sœurs du Sacré Cœur de Jésus) led the Sunday Mass. At the end of the celebration, they got together for some fraternal moments of relaxation: two football matches for boys and girls and a recreational evening (dance, songs, sketches, etc.).

At the end of this day, we continue to pray to the Lord of the harvest to “accomplish with love and zeal our common mission and that together we may be more responsible for the vitality of the charism we have received. May our witness of simple and fraternal life awaken vocations in our Congregation and attract others to share our spirituality and charism” (Cf. Prayer for the jubilee of 70 years of presence of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit in Cameroon).
May the Virgin Mary, our advocate with the Holy Spirit, always accompany us on our paths of fidelity and simplicity.

Sister Vedette NDAOKAÏ, novitiate community, Marza-Ngaoundéré. Published on 24 April 2024

The photos.
Sowers 1: Celebration of Mass on Saturday 20 April in Marza. Ngaoundéré
Sowers 2: Meeting with young people in Marza on Sunday after mass.
Sowers 3: Sisters Marthe and Simone at Kongola – Maroua
Sowers 4: After mass at Djalingo -Ngaoundéré-  parishioners, young people in formation and their formators
Sowers 5: Formators supporting football matches
Sowers 6: Young people in training, ready for the match