Time for Creation 2023

Every year from September 1 to October 4, the Christian family unites in an international celebration of prayer and action to protect our common home. As followers of Christ from all over the world, we share a common call to care for creation.

It’s an ecumenical time initiated by Orthodox Patriarch Dimitri in 1989, then taken up by other Christian churches and officially recognized by Pope Francis for the Catholic Church in 2015.

The theme of Creation Time 2023 is “May justice and peace flow”. The symbol is a “mighty river”, symbolizing the spread of justice and peace. The theme was inspired by the prophet Amos, who wrote: “Let justice spring forth like a fountain, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream”. (Amos 5:24).

The River carries hope instead of despair
As the urgency grows, we need to make visible peace with the Earth and on the Earth, while justice calls us to repent, change our attitudes and act differently. As we join the river of justice and peace with others, hope is born instead of despair. Rivers can spring up in the desert. An economy of peace can be built instead of one based on conflict.

A mighty river can move mountains
Our individual actions during Season of Creation are important. Celebrating creation, participating in clean-ups, planting trees and reducing our carbon footprint are just some of the actions we can take. Together we can be a powerful river of justice and peace that brings new life to the Earth and to future generations, a river that can move the mountains of injustice.

How does the river of justice and peace inspire our actions as committed citizens?
We trust in God’s work, while recognizing that we can participate in God’s will for justice and peace. On the occasion of this Season of Creation, let us journey together in communion, as God’s people, to spread justice and peace.

From the Congregation’s Laudato Si’ Commission:
Sister Anne-Geneviève Guérin, FSE – Published on 24 August 2023

We are launching Time for Creation 2023: May justice and peace spread…
by Laudato Si’ Movement

Message of his holiness Pope Francis
for the world day of prayer for the care of creation.