100 years old!

Today, 16 November 2023, at the Filles du Saint-Esprit retirement home in Saint-Brieuc, France, we are celebrating the 100th birthday of Sister Léontine Audet –Sister Angèle, in religion-.

Father Jean Le Rétif joyfully celebrated the Eucharist, basing his homily on the Rock: “build your house on the Rock”, like Sister Léontine who chose to follow Christ in the congregation of the Filles du Saint-Esprit during her 80 years of religious life.

Sister Léontine was born on 16 November 1923 in Landéhen -Côtes d’Amor-. Her parents were farmers. At the age of 13, Sister Léontine expressed her desire to become a religious: they encouraged her, being “great Christians”, as she put it. She entered the novitiate and made profession in 1943, during wartime… Her first obedience was Rostrenen – a town in the Côtes d’Armor region of Brittany – where she was sent to teach, a profession she practised for 38 years.
Since 1999, Sister Léontine has lived at the Mother House, where she has provided many services to the sisters.
Today, she continues to pray and live “more” with her sisters in the Spirit of Pentecost and for the mission of all in the world.

On 16 November, a festive meal followed the celebration of the Eucharist, and in the afternoon our sister’s family came to share the birthday cake.

Happy birthday, Sister Léontine! 

Last photo: Sister Léontine holds in her hand her own needlework: not many people know how to do it! She offered it to her niece

Véronique Dikoma, companion to people in retirement homes.
Published on 23 November 2023