A memorable orientation day

On 22 June 2023, the Maryland Catholic Nursery and Primary School in Ogbomoso, Nigeria, organised a special day reserved for children from preparatory classes to Primary 6, so that they could freely identify with the profession they would like to pursue in the future.
Parents were delighted to hear about the “careers day”, as they are keen to see their children take a step towards choosing the profession they are likely to pursue in the future. They showed their interest by providing uniforms for the careers under consideration: bankers/accountants, doctors, engineers in various categories, security personnel, nurses, teachers, lawyers, etc.

The teachers and the “Daughters of the Holy Spirit” sisters who work at the school helped the children get to grips with the day’s objective and, in the school playground, a parade took place in which each career group took part in appropriate dress. The second part of the event took place in the school hall and included lectures… Professionals from the disciplines mentioned were invited to give various aspects of the requirements of these professions. In their presentations, the speakers also touched on other important points: the benefits of these careers for oneself, for one’s family and for society.

In my opening speech, I congratulated the children and made them understand that a career is a trade or profession that someone carries out over a long period of time in order to earn a living and serve their family and society. I also explained that this day was organised for them so that they would have the opportunity to learn more about the world of work and begin to understand and appreciate the dignity of human commitment in certain jobs. Thanks to this presentation, they will be able to explore many career options and choose what will enable them to excel in life. I also stressed the fact that when it comes to the dignity of work, it’s the diligence that counts, the promptness, the efficiency… Consequently, there is no work that is superior or inferior to another.

 Each speaker stressed, as much as possible, the need for the children to study very seriously in order to achieve their respective goals at the right time; it was a great opportunity for them to be encouraged to ask questions in these areas that affect their choice of career.   Plays were performed from one lecture to the next, making the event very lively and interesting. The teachers were also delighted by this very practical exercise, which helps children to shape their preconceived beliefs about a particular career.

A memorable day for the pupils, staff and management of the school!

Sister Patience Effiong, DHS.  Published on 27 June 2023