Chilean Associates: a visit

On 25 June, we Chilean Associates were visited in Antofagasta by Sister Lydie Pascaline, Daughter of the Holy Spirit, to get to know us better as she is the Councillor for the Associates of the Latin American Delegation. The meeting was a good opportunity for her to get to know each of the members of the Delegation,
María Godoy, Associate from Antofagasta
– Chile

She also stressed that the Congregation, at international level, should be informed of what we are doing, and she encouraged us to post articles and photos of each of our activities – as there are many – on the Congregation’s website.
We talked about the next meeting of the Chile-Peru Associates in 2024 in the city of Lima, Peru, and the preparations that have already begun.
Rosita Rojas, Associate of Conchalí – Santiago, Chile.

Sister Pascaline left us with the impression of a very charismatic woman. The communication between us and the exchange of experiences came naturally, and that’s because she speaks good Spanish.
Elly Martinez, partner at La Pintana – Santiago, Chile.

 Forwarded by Yvonne CUELLAR, Associate –  Published on 8 June 2023