Giving yourself totally to God

In connection with the feast of Pentecost, Sister MAI ROUSKOU Elisabeth pronounced her perpetual vows on 27 May 2023 in the parish of Sainte Monique de Touroua located in the Archdiocese of Garoua in CAMEROON. Touroua is a commune in the northern region of Cameroon, close to the border with Nigeria. It is a cosmopolitan town made up of various ethnic groups from the Far North region and a number of villages in the northern region in search of arable land.

The Daughters of the Holy Spirit have been present here since 2000.  The celebration of the vows of our sister Elisabeth is a historic event for this parish, as it is the first of its kind in 23 years of presence of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit. And it’s also a double celebration for us: an early celebration of Pentecost, the feast of our Congregation, and perpetual vows! It’s also a double event for the parish: Perpetual Vows and the pastoral visit of Archbishop Faustin AMBASSA, Metropolitan Archbishop of Garoua.
During the celebration of the Eucharist, Bishop Faustin, in his homily, emphasised the love that never ends, drawing on the texts chosen for the day by Elizabeth (1 Cor 13:2-13; John 15:9-11).  According to him, love must never end, whether in happiness or misfortune, joy or pain. Love is God Himself. He emphasised St Paul’s hymn to love: “It is love that endures, and love will never pass away”. He also invited the congregation to make the various virtues of love their own in their daily lives: patience, tolerance, self-control, peace, joy….
As usual, on the eve or day of Pentecost, the SSEs present renewed their vows and the lay people associated with the Congregation their commitment. A crowd, comparable to the one mentioned in the 1st reading from the day of Pentecost (Acts 2, 1-11), has come to support us. It was a time of joy and gladness for all the Daughters of the Holy Spirit, and especially for the parishioners and lay associates of Touroua, who were experiencing this ecclesial event for the first time in their parish! After the Eucharistic celebration, a glass of friendship was offered to all.

Congratulations to our sister Elisabeth MAIROUSKOU, who has accepted to give herself totally to God. May the Spirit of Pentecost guide her steps in the footsteps of our founders Marie-BALAVENNE and Renée BUREL.
Sister Christine DIDJA, DHS. Published on 1 June 2023

From Sister Maï Rouskou Élisabeth
“My heart overflows with joy and peace on this day when the Lord has allowed me to give myself totally to Him. I thank Him for all the good and beautiful things we have experienced. I express my deep gratitude to my Congregation, which has trusted me to be responsible with it for the vitality of our charism. Thank you to all those who have come in such numbers to surround me with their love. The readings chosen for the occasion were about love of God and love of neighbour, and Archbishop Faustin AMBASSA, in his homily, invited me to live this love of God in obedience to my superiors and my sisters in the Congregation. I ask God for the grace to fill my heart more with his love and that he make me his instrument of love.
Blessed be the name of God. Amen.”