In Cameroon, meetings of young sisters

We, the young sisters of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit, are very grateful to the Congregation for all the moments of formation that it gives us the opportunity to experience among ourselves and with other consecrated persons from the ecclesiastical province of Garoua. These different meetings give us the opportunity to share our experience of missionary life.

We have just had two meetings. The first took place in Garoua from April1 to 3, 2024, on the subject of “Fraternal life, a path to inner freedom and openness to others”. The meeting was led by Sister Agnès DABAYA; it was inspired by our Rule of Life, Chapter 2: “Linked to those whom God has associated with us” and by the Congregation’s magazine, La Colombe, number 54. We remember that fraternal life means living in close proximity to one another in authentic love, dynamism and prayer, because the Lord calls us to sow peace and life in our communities and in our places of mission. We were delighted to share and spend time together. Following this meeting, the great challenge is to be more artisans of peace, justice, love and forgiveness, which is the summit of love, as recommended to us by François VARILLON, a French Jesuit priest and theologian.

The second meeting of the young nuns was with all the sisters in temporary vows in the ecclesiastical province of Garoua, which has four dioceses (Garoua, Maroua-Mokolo, Yagoua and Ngaoundéré). The session, held from 3 to 6 April, in Figuil, in the Archdiocese of Garou, focused on: “The influence of the media in religious life”, led by Brother Dieudonné GORMOU. We were 31 young sisters from several Congregations who wanted to understand the impact of the media on consecrated life. At the end of this session, we confirmed that, in our daily lives, the media are inescapable. Although they are means of communication and rapid transmission of information, it is up to us to make good use of them because they have positive and negative aspects: they can weaken our consecration if we use them unconsciously, but the media can also help us to promote calls and evangelize the world.

Once again, we thank all those who help us in our choice to follow Christ.

Sister Denise MBAFI TAGODA, DHS. Published on 18 April 2024

– Last photo: Young FSE sisters and sister Agnès DABAYA