Latin American partners. Renewal

On Saturday 21 October 2023, we had our meeting, which was pleasant and full of joy.
We were accompanied by Sister Isabel Larrondo, who spoke to us about the International Directives, which allow us to know: the history, the quality of its members, the orientation, the charism, the formation of alliances, the organization, the finances, in connection with the Holy Spirit and the relationship with the other two branches of the Congregation of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit: the Religious and the Consecrated Seculars.

During the explanation and conversation we had, we realised how important it is to know the roots of the Congregation and those who form it, highlighting the following points:
– Love for the Lord and the brothers is our foundation.
– The Lord has chosen me and given me a special gift.
– Devotion to the Holy Trinity with special attention to the Holy Spirit.
– Constant formation and interest to learn more, to pass on the message of love to others.

Then we received with joy the letters of invitation to participate in the Assembly in Lima/February 2024.

Patricia Román, Partner, Conchalí (Santiago) – Chile

On Sunday 22 October 2023,
in the city of Antofagasta – Chile, we had an emotional meeting: some members renewed their covenant of love. We thank God that, despite their state of health, they were able to attend: Fresia Ibacache, Yessica Mercier, María Mercedes Pizarro and Juana Segovia.

Sister Doris Miranda said goodbye to us: she is leaving Antofagasta to move to the city of Santiago in November.  We told her that wherever she goes, God will always give her wisdom, understanding and love, as he has done with us for so many years. We will miss her very much…. She was a very important pillar in our group of associates in Antofagasta. “Thank you very much, dear sister Doris, for your charisma, your angelic voice and for many other virtues”.

At the end of the meeting, we shared a cup of tea, and spent a little more time with Sister Doris Miranda, everyone wishing her good luck in her new destination. We also thanked all the associate brothers and sisters who are in poor health for being present at each meeting: they are a fine example of commitment. Blessings to all.

Julia Rivera Labra, associate from Antofagasta – Chile.

Photos 1,2,3: Santiago meeting — Photos 4, 5, 6, 7: Antofagasta meeting —
Photo 8: the 7 photos together

Published on 3 November 2023