Moving forward together

THE COUNCIL OF THE CONGREGATION is an annual moment of exchange, of sharing, of becoming aware of our realities which are so diverse from one country to another, from one continent to another. From Chile to Nigeria, from France to Cameroon, from the USA to Burkina Faso, passing through the United Kingdom, we let ourselves be led by the Spirit, listening to each other.

The Holy-Spirit, the Spirit of Pentecost, is constantly guiding us towards new horizons even in the midst of our ever-changing reality as Daughters of the Holy Spirit. Our meeting at Ile Blanche made us more aware of our need for each other to find new ways of living our mission whatever our age, our situation, our culture…

A presentation on the importance of archival documents renewed the desire to preserve our history and to include our own contribution today for future generations.

The dynamics of “Laudato Si” permeated our assembly and, symbolically, each participant left with a pot of flowers containing seeds ready to be sown in the hope of a more abundant life and fruitfulness for which we bear much of the responsibility. Creation has been entrusted to us; we must take care of it…

Thank you to each of the participants for this time of fraternity, thank you to the leaders of the Units who give themselves unstintingly to the service of their sisters, themselves at the service of the population, at the service of the smallest, thank you to the community and the staff of the White Island. L’ile Blanche, in Brittany, France, a magnificent place of renewal, peace and joyful encounters

 Thank you!


Sent by Abiola ADIGBOLUJA, DHS. Published on 8 May 2023