Pilgrimage to the Sources: the arrival

There was an atmosphere of joy when we arrived in Paris on 4 August and saw that Sisters Françoise and Céline were there to welcome us, the “Daughters of the Holy Spirit” from Nigeria and Cameroon -unfortunately, the sisters from Burkina Faso were unable to join us because of difficulties in obtaining their visas-. When we arrived at the Mother House in Saint Brieuc, the sisters gave us a warm welcome as soon as we entered. Marilou, from England, joined us in the evening.

The next day, we explored the Mother House to get to know it better and avoid getting lost; we visited the chapel, the garden and the cemetery. On Sunday, at the Mass of the Transfiguration, we took part in the procession of offerings: we offered a globe, a basket of fruit, bread and wine representing the gift of ourselves and of our different countries and cultures. In the afternoon, we had a visit from the former missionaries of Africa. The joy of reunion! On Monday, we took a trip to the town of St Brieuc to do some shopping. We feel at home here!

Thank you to our French sisters for their welcome.

Sister Valentina IYISHU, DHS. Nigeria. Published on 10 August 2023