To educate a child is to educate a nation

It has been three years since the kindergarten of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit of Koudougou in Burkina Faso opened its doors to welcome children from 3 to 5 years old and to accompany them through education, for their intellectual and human development.

From May 1 to 7, we are living the week of Catholic education: “Catholic Education, Witness of Hope in a World in Crisis”. At the opening, parents of students came to urge our little actors of tomorrow’s society to be children who live love, sharing and respect, at school and at home. At the heart of this week, in each section, the monitors, through mimes, developed topics to teach them to live in peace. They themselves became agents of peace and forgiveness and this was very beautiful! For us, DHS, instilling these values in children is a duty –and for me in this kindergarten– especially in the situation of our country which is plagued by terrorism. Teaching children to live in peace can bring a plus to the society of tomorrow. May God grant peace to Burkina Faso and to the whole world.

Another activity that took place on May 3 was the cultural week. Parents dressed their children in the traditional clothes of their culture. We tried to present each culture according to its mode of dress with a fashion show of the children. Traditional menus were prepared: some tasted them for the first time.  On this occasion we took the opportunity to celebrate the birthday of all the children because some of them are not lucky enough to live it at home!

On Sunday, May 7, we will close the week of Catholic education with a mass at the university parish of Koudougou where all the schools will gather.  We will say thank you to the entire Congregation for the support and the mission of education that we live all over the world. May Christ be our strength each day and accompany us in finding ways and means to serve life and give love and joy to each person we meet in our missions.

As the saying goes: “To educate a child is to educate a nation.”

Clementine TAPSOBA, DHS. Published on May 7, 2023