Viri: a great tribute to Sister Jacqueline

From 1976 to 2000, Sister Jacqueline RIVET, Daughter of the Holy Spirit, lived in Viri in the Wina country, in the Far North Region of Cameroon, on the border with Tchad. The Wina are an intermediate Massa-Tupuri group. This long stay among them earned him ceremonies worthy of a funeral which took place in France, his home country, on 12 December 2022.
A week of activities (from 30 January to 5 February) made up this time of mourning, which ended with a Mass of thanksgiving by the Vicar General in place of the Bishop who was unable to attend, during which a candle was lit and placed at the bottom of the large photo frame of our honourable sister Jacqueline RIVET, which was made for the occasion. Through various testimonies in her favour, the Christians of Viri paid great homage to our dear sister, highlighting her qualities as an educator and mother who was so attentive to their many children! In order to keep alive, the traces of her passage among them and to perpetuate it, they held a debate on the works that last, repainted the school, organized football games, a concert… They even composed a song in her honour:

Refrain: We mourn you Jacqueline RIVET, we mourn you.
1- Left from Europe, sent by God to Viri
2- Arrived in Viri, you familiarized yourself with us to teach usµ
3- You lived among us for 24 years
4- Many people have been happy thanks to you and your teachings
5- Man’s life depends on God, no one can prolong his stay
6- Jacqueline RIVET, we mourn you with tears in our eyes
7- Everyone is praying for you today so that God may accompany you

The parish community, with the help of their valiant parish priest, Abbé Gérard Djelasan, proved that a blessing is never lost. They wished the return of the DHS in the footsteps of Sister Jacqueline in Viri.


The community of Doukoula. Published on 5 March 2023