Construction of a chicken coop in Bondigui

The community of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit was established in Bondigui, in the Parish of St. John the Evangelist in Phariyago, in 2006.

Bondigui is a village with a majority of animists. To communicate with their god, the population sacrifices many chickens and burns others in holocaust.

The community of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit, concerned about the evangelization of this population and wanting to reduce the rate of malnutrition in both children and adults, wants to build a chicken coop to show this population that raising chickens can also improve her diet. With this chicken coop, the DHS community will allow people of other religious denominations to obtain meat.


  • Evangelize the population.
  • Reduce the rate of malnutrition among children and adults.

Needs expressed: To start the activity of chicken breeding.

  • Construction of a chicken coop: 1,300 €
  • Purchase of twenty hens: 160 €
  • Food for the hens for 3 months: 80 €
  • Purchase of six water boxes and six food boxes: 65 €
  • Purchase of an incubator: 50 €
  • Cost of the project: 1,655 €