Construction of a Saré in Doukoula

The Community of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit has been established in Doukoula since 1954. Working for the education of children and in particular young girls, the Sisters have sought to facilitate access to school for the most disadvantaged children.

To avoid long walks for students from surrounding villages whose parents could not afford to rent a room in the city center where the schools were located, the Daughters of the Holy Spirit built a Saré consisting of four huts made of temporary materials. These huts were initially intended for young girls aspiring to become Daughters of the Holy Spirit, then to others.

The demand has become more important than the offer. In addition, the huts built have aged and are deteriorating more and more, despite the roof repair work that the community of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit of Doukoula undertakes every year.

The project is to build with durable materials:

  • a building (three bedroom, two toilets and a shower) able to accommodate six girls;
  • a building consisting of a kitchen, a refectory and a store for the storage of kitchen equipment and foodstuffs. n


  • To provide young girls in difficulty with decent housing and an appropriate environment, enabling them to succeed in their studies and later become autonomous women who participate in the socio-economic development of their villages.

Expressed needs

  • The total cost for the construction of the buildings is estimated at 9,350 €, for which the Vice-Province of Cameroon could pay 4,850 €.
  • An appeal for donations is made to allow the realization of the project: 4,500 € to cover the total estimated amount of the work.