Costly but also saving…

From 24 to 27 March 2024, we, the young religious sisters of the vice-province of BURKINA FASO, had our second session of the year on Christian and religious obedience, led by Sister Christine DIDJA, head of the postulancy in Diébougou.

The session, lived in a climate of trust and sharing of rich experiences, enlightened us in our following of the obedient Christ. Having realised that true obedience is both costly and saving, we are invited to live it out as a personal, free and conscious commitment, putting all our energy into it. In this way we make our obedience active and responsible.

Religious obedience invites us to cultivate a greater spirit of listening and discernment since, according to our Rule of Life, the Spirit speaks to us in many ways. Through our consecration as Daughters of the Holy Spirit, this Rule, approved by the Church, speaks of religious obedience at different levels. So, in order to achieve greater harmony within ourselves and to make life pleasant in community, we are called to obey our local leaders. The gift of obedience is given to us for the edification of the Body – congregation which is expressed through the community as a grace and a value to be lived.
Spiritual accompaniment is a way of listening to the Spirit and reassuring ourselves about our own growth as followers of Christ. The desire to be accompanied, the openness to God and to one’s accompanier are dispositions that liberate and save those accompanied in their own personal experience.

In short, obedience is a grace to be asked for in daily life and a gift to be received. At every moment, may we see obedience as a game played on the field of daily life: the ball represents love and charity, the net symbolises forgiveness, the Gospel as referee, the Rule of Life and all the documents and letters of the congregation as first judge. Let’s not forget that the time of the match is our whole life… instead of 90 minutes!

“The Spirit calls believers to live freely in Jesus Christ, serving one another in love.” (Rule of Life art 29, 1)

Sister YAMEOGO Kiswendsida Edith Published on 28 March 2024